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How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce

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Having a baby is quite common in couples. However, as time is progressing, we are witnessing that the percentage of working couples is increasing. This leads to improper attention being given to the child. Another increasing factor among couples is divorce or separations. Differences among couples give rise to fights, misunderstandings and ultimately, divorce.

Well, this is a personal matter for the couples, however, puts an immense pressure on the children. They are the ones who cannot decide between the mother or father and have no fault in the created circumstances. Therefore it is better to talk to your kids before you take the final decision of undertaking a divorce. Involving a divorce lawyer canberra and a child custody lawyer is also recommended as he can help you handle your children’s affairs better. Here are a few tips you can follow which will help you discuss this matter with your kids and let them be mentally clear for what is to come.

Do not blame anyone

You do not have to tell your kid or kids that you are the better parent and their other half is a bad person or parent. Just be open to them. Chances are your kids already know your feelings for your spouse before you make them clear in front of them. Be true to them speak politely. Tell them the reasons which is leading to the tragic decision. Also mention that you will always care for your soul mate, but, being apart is better for each other’s future.

Tell them that they are not alone


You have to be clear to your children that just because their parents are being divorced does not mean that they are losing either of their parent too. Tell them that their dad or mom will always remain their dad or mom and they have full freedom to meet them, even stay with them if they want to.

It is not their fault

It is very common that younger children will blame themselves for the differences in their parents. As it is commonly believed that children can hold both spouses together, then if a divorce takes place, kids might think that it is their fault. Be clear to them. Your children hold the right and must know the exact reason the separation is taking place. This decision will already be mentally very pressing for them. You donot want your kids to fell into the hands of anxiety and depression. Therefore, their mental ease should be your first priority.

Such times are very stressful. No couple wants a divorce. It is the circumstances which lead to such situations. However, as parents, it must be your top priority to comfort your children before you lighten yourself. These tips are surely going to help you achieve this. Make sure you follow them well and connect with your son/daughter properly.

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